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Temperature Monitoring
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Advanced Temperature Monitoring with tempmate Data Loggers

Temperature data loggers are critical tools for ensuring the quality, safety, and integrity of products and processes across a variety of industries.


By choosing the right logger, understanding its operation, and maintaining it properly, you will ensure accurate and reliable temperature monitoring for any application.

USB Data Logger or Real-time Solution?
USB loggers provide simplicity and easy data retrieval, whereas real-time loggers offer instant alerts and continuous tracking, enhancing decision-making and risk management in logistics.

Temperature & humidity logger

A solution for every need


The Real-time Monitoring Software

Ensure Quality and Customer Satisfaction with a real-time smart tracking of the location and status of your goods, whether in storage or during global transportation.


The Affordable Single-Use Data Logger

Start monitoring the temperature of your supply chain while keeping your budget under control.


The Rechargeable Real-Time Temp. Monitoring Solution

Automate temperature monitoring on every step of the supply chain of your sensitive goods.

tempmate.®-S1 PRO

The Flexible Single Use Temperature Data Logger

A unique autonomy of 200 days and an on-board reprogramming tool: The perfect solution to start your cold chain monitoring.


The Real-time Temperature Monitoring

Experience live tracking anytime, anywhere. Our single-use data logger provides real-time temperature measurements and global connectivity for smart logistics.


The Miniature and Rugged Button Data Logger

With their stainless steel casing and years of reliability, tempmate.®-B data loggers are ideal for extreme environments.


The Accurate and Multi Use Temp. Data Logger

The High-quality Temperature Data logger that ensures the safety of your goods.


The Easy-to-use Temperature Data Logger

The tempmate.®-S2 combines continuous traceability of temperature and immediate control thanks to its display.


Überwachen Sie die Temperatur Ihrer Lieferkette und behalten Sie gleichzeitig Ihr Budget unter Kontrolle.


The Electronic Temperature Indicator

Experience the ease of our single-use indicator. With three LEDs, get clear feedback on your goods’ temperature and enhance your logistics operations


The Easy Way to manage your USB Data Logger

With tempbase, you can easily modify the settings of your USB data loggers and view, create reports, and export measurements from your tempmate data loggers.


The Ultra-Low Temperature Recorder

Experience unmatched reliability with our -90°C temperature data logger, designed to ensure the integrity of your temperature sensitive products transported in dry-ice

tempmate.®-S1 V2

The Single-Use Temperature Data Logger

Step into the future of efficient cold chain monitoring with our trusted single-use temperature data logger


The Reliable USB Temperature Data Logger

Simple and Reusable USB Data Logger to easily monitor the temperature in your supply chain.

Empower your supply chain

Empower your
supply chain

Optimize your supply chain
and prevent quality losses.