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Monitoring software
for tempmate Data Loggers

Temperature monitoring data loggers  use specialized software to facilitate data logger configuration, as well as the collection and analysis of measurements over time.


Tempbase software for USB data loggers is designed to be easy to use, allowing users to download and analyze measurements via a simple interface.

tempmate-Cloud software, for real-time monitoring, offers advanced features such as remote access, customizable alerts and the ability to manage multiple loggers, enhancing dynamic measurement analysis.

In both cases, compliance with CFR21 standards is essential to guarantee the integrity and security of records and electronic signatures.

Temperature & humidity logger

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The Real-time Monitoring Software

Ensure Quality and Customer Satisfaction with a real-time smart tracking of the location and status of your goods, whether in storage or during global transportation.


The Easy Way to manage your USB Data Logger

With tempbase, you can easily modify the settings of your USB data loggers and view, create reports, and export measurements from your tempmate data loggers.

Empower your supply chain

Empower your
supply chain

Optimize your supply chain
and prevent quality losses.