Real-time smart monitoring of location and condition of all your shipments world-wide

Real-time GSM location, temperature, humidity, light and shock tracking for today’s smart logistics.

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Tailored Logistical Support

tempmate.® cloud-based network offers both professional and individual support via high-availability AWS cloud technologies. And with unlimited data storage and retention times, you’ll be able to plan ahead and adjust faster than ever.

Real-Time Data Sharing

tempmate.®-cloud lets you access, share, change, and manipulate data or actions faster and more efficiently. It even allows you to reach team members or clients anywhere in the world to maintain strong business relationships.

  • Worldwide access
  • Directly monitor all your tempmate.®-GS
  • Unlimited data storage and retention time
  • High availability through AWS
  • Certified cloud environment (ISO/ FDA and more)
  • Professional support

100% Designed, Engineered and Made in Germany

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    E-Mail: info@tempmate.com

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