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Advanced Logistics. Real-Time Data.

Cold chain logistics is a special process that requires smarter, more innovative solutions for tracking, managing, and monitoring produce shipping and storage; especially in the areas of food, pharm, and manufacturing. We’ve created an exclusive supply chain monitoring system that gives brands, logistics professionals, and businesses more control over where their products are at any given time, by allowing them to track their data in real time. Backed by German engineering and designed for today’s fast-paced, worldwide shipping and logistics services, we’re giving you more information, so you can make better decisions from start to finish — even when there’s a hiccup in the process.

End-to-End Monitoring

The most important factors behind our services is that their fast, efficient, easy to use, and provide real-time data when you need it most. In fact, our logistics services provide reliable supply chain monitoring that benefits brands and businesses of all sizes.

A few of our proactive solutions include:

  • Quick and Easy Setup and Monitoring System
  • Exclusive Control and Management Features
  • One Certificate of Validation per Product
  • Advanced German Engineer and Support
  • Reliable Cold-Chain Monitoring
  • Fast, Efficient, Real-Time Data

Dependable solutions for demanding sectors


Medicines and blood reserves

Proven flawless quality is a must for any pharmaceutical product


All types of food products

The HACCP plays an important role in the food sector


Data loggers and sensors

Custom-made solutions for individual requirements

Product Highlight


Streamline Business Logistics with tempmate.®-GS – Real-Time Data Tracking with Cloud-Based Connectivity

Supply Chain Monitoring for Today’s Proactive Industries with tempmate.®-GS

When it comes to building strong relationships with customers, clients or investors, there’s nothing more important than providing fast, reliable services and products that can be tracked from the moment they leave your floor to the time they reach customer hands.

That’s why we created tempmate.®-GS, a revolutionary device that lets you track shipped goods with real-time data – no matter where they’re at in the world!

In fact, the tempmate.®-GS offers a wide range of benefits important to businesses, brands, and corporations of all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Real-Time Monitoring and Position-Tracking
  • Light and Shock Sensors
  • High-Precision and Self-Calibrating Sensors
  • Smart Design, Intuitive Operation
  • Advanced Reporting and Administration via tempmate.®-Cloud
  • Intelligent LEDs for Status Monitoring
  • Preconfigured but Reprogrammable before use
  • Predictive Alarms
  • Worldwide Connectivity