Introducing tempmate.®-Cloud!

Worldwide Logistical Connectivity

Monitoring shipments is challenging, especially when it’s halfway around the world and there’s no way to visually check it. That’s why we created the tempmate.®-GS, a real-time data logger, to help you stay on top of changing environments and shipping needs. But that data is only effective when you can actively monitor it and make active changes on the fly, which is why we’ve also paired the tempmate.®-GS with the essential  software to back it up.

A revolutionary platform and smart monitoring solution for industries everywhere, tempmate.®-Cloud helps you save time, money, and effort with advanced optimization and efficiency like never before. Offering real-time data, no matter where your shipment is in the world, it provides you with actionable information that can help you make smarter choices for your products and services.

All-In-One Solution tempmate.®-GS inclusive tempmate.®-Cloud

Along with global access, the tempmate.®-GS includes:

Tailored Logistical Support

Our cloud-based network offers both professional and individual support via high-availability AWS cloud technologies. And with unlimited data storage and retention times, you’ll be able to plan ahead and adjust faster than ever.

Reduce Financial Strain

By being able to adjust shipments or shipment needs on the fly, tempmate.®-Cloud helps you reduce operating cost and plan for last-minute changes with less effort and overall strain on your logistical needs.

Real-Time Data Sharing

The tempmate.®-Cloud lets you access, share, change, and manipulate data or actions faster and more efficiently. It even allows you to reach team members or clients anywhere in the world to maintain strong business relationships.


Medicines and blood reserves

Proven flawless quality is a must for any pharmaceutical product


All types of food products

The HACCP plays an important role in the food sector

Let’s Build Better Logistics Teams

Monitoring your supply chain from shipment to drop is an important part of today’s busy logistics plans. And being able to get real-time data that you can share with potential partners, staff members, or customers can help you stay one step ahead of the competition. The tempmate.®-Cloud is the perfect choice because it not only expands your connectivity with multiple teams and consumers, it can be accessed on multiple media devices from anyone on your team, no matter where the business world takes you.

All-In-One Cloud Support

When your business or your personal success relies on logistics, you need the very best support to make it happen. That’s why tempmate.®-GS and tempmate.®-Cloud combine to give you all the real-time data and decision-making capabilities you need to ensure smarter, faster shipping choices.