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Release Notes

RELEASE V1.7.3 – 25TH MAI 2024

General Integrations

  • Acknowledge messages for device management (first iteration admin only)
  • Reminder for rental renewal periods
  • Automations for rental services
  • Auditlog improvements
  • Usage of user timezone for start from cloud for GM2 devices instead of UTC-0
  • Smaller bugfixes
  • Backend integrations
  • Responsible User for an offline device can be directly set while creating the API token
  • New Role Management option to generalise receiving Alarms for devices
  • Offline Device alarms are now displayed in the Alarms Overview


  • Updated API Documentation
  • User Management API
  • Device Profile Management API
  • Custom Fields API
  • Updated Device API
  • News API (tempmate only)

RELEASE V1.7.2 – 7TH MAI 2024

General Integrations

  • Share View and Device is now using the copy to clipboard functionality
  • Share View now uses the correct values
  • Share View now uses the correct values for exporting
  • Added a runtime slider based on Log- and Transmission interval
  • Backend integrations for Administrators (Token System)
  • Added Alarms to the .pdf reports created in the cloud
  • Auto-filling the API Token when following the API Token Link
  • Adding Receiver and Responsible Users can now be added on API Token creation
  • Splitting up the Audit Log into Tabs based on the Entity
  • Splitting up the Charts in the .pdf Report to prevent overlapping Alarm Thresholds
  • Deactivated settings tab for offline devices
  • Deactivated Profile Selection for offline devices
  • Corrected certain Links in the cloud

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error that led to hiding the add button after activating a user
  • Fixed a bug that led to the dragged file not being recognized during .pdf upload
  • Fixed a bug that led to the shared view not using the correct start
  • Fixed a bug that led to creating new rows for single logged values in certain cases

UI Improvements

  • Added description text to the Alarms Tab for offline devices
  • Added description text to the Responsible User Tab for offline devices

RELEASE V1.7.1 – 5TH APRIL 2024

General Integrations

  • Last Alarm Information was added to the device details
  • Backend integrations for Administrators (Device Management)
  • Added Alarms and graph information for battery levels
  • Possibility to add new Validation Certificates
  • E-Mail informations and expansion for expiration date handling
  • Changed the trigger event for started devices
  • Expired Token Items can now be automatically replaced with existing Token Items from the wallet
  • Added Google Tag Manager
  • Added Cookie dialog
  • Corrected certain Links in the cloud

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error that led to comments being displayed delayed

UI Improvements

  • Splitting up Support URL in Active and Expired tabs
  • Sorting and Search option for the time range on the alarms page

RELEASE V1.7.0 – 19TH MARCH 2024

General Integrations

  • Shipment Entity improvements
  • Backend integrations for Administrators
  • Converting GS2 profiles into a GS2 Rev profile
  • Limiting the initial time period to 24h when viewing device data
  • API Documentation updated
  • API Keys can now be created with the first API Token creation
  • Migration and merging for offline devices
  • Splitting device data information per upload/start
  • Added the identifier on reset password page
  • News can now be previewed in the cloud
  • Users can now create a temporary support link to give access to their instance during trouble shooting

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error that led to reverting the temperature back to standard values instead of the max values of the sensor
  • Fixed an error that created an empty start for the GM2 when starting without a valid token
  • Fixed an error that led to not showing the location correctly when stopping a real time device
  • Fixed an error that led to not displaying the correct status when stopping an expired real time device
  • Fixed an error that led to not downloading the .csv or .pdf file automatically, after processing while exporting the same

UI Improvements

  • Balance runtime for the GS2 now displays 120 days expiration time after the first start
  • Start from cloud icon is now only available for GM2 devices instead of the GS2 also
  • An option for the alarm bell icon sorting is now available in the user settings
  • Alarm symbols for .pdf uploads are now changing accordingly to the changed alarm thresholds in the cloud


General Integrations

  • Shipment Entity improvements
  • Smaller Backend integrations for Administrators (Device Management)
  • Separating deployment pipelines
  • Performance Improvements
  • API Tokens for general API usage
  • API Sorting Keys implemented
  • API Documentation updated
  • API general improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error that led to Previous Trips not showing when unassigning an expired Token Item
  • Fixed an error that led to Token Items note being created properly
  • Fixed an error that led to Responsible Users not being used correctly
  • Fixed an error that led to an Error message being displayed when cancelling an API Token
  • Fixed an error that led to Filters not wirking correctly in certain cases
  • Fixed an error that led to displaying wrong modal window headlines in certain cases

UI Improvements

  • Re-Using of the Device Wizard when editing devices instead of multiple single menus
  • Separating of the Comments for each Sensonr in the Graph
  • Only relevant Device Profiles are now displayed when adding a new Device


General Integrations

GM2 and GS2 Revision integration

  • Added Start from Cloud for GM2 Devices
  • Seperate configuration for Alarm Threshold for Internal and External Sensors
  • Updated E-Mail templates for Tilt Alarms
  • Updated Flight Events for GS2 Revision.pdf Upload added for M2T Devices Roken System Integration
  • Wallet for Token Items
  • Assigning Token Items from User side
  • Background optimizations 
  • Smaller Backend integrations
  • API for Telemetry Data
  • API for updating Devices

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error that led to Dropdown menu braking in certain situations
  • Fixed an error that led to S1PT and S1PH devices not be shown while filtering
  • Fixed an error that allowed creating an emty API token
  • Fixed an error that led to an Error when confirming an Alarm
  • Fixed an error that led to multiplying the tabs when uploading an .pdf report

UI Improvements

  • Updated Shock Indicator Inline Help
  • Multi-Selection for Product ID column
  • Merging Devices for Product ID
  • Autoscrolling if a Dropdown becomes active


General Integrations

GM2 and GS2 Revision integration

  • External Sensor Data for GM2 Devices Company Identifier can now be used during registration for new users
  • Administrators can additionally provide a Link for registration now New Shipment Entity
  • Shipment API first part
  • Editing of Shipment data 
  • Token System improved time based functionality
  • Backend Preparations for receiving Container Data over API Synchronization Option for table pages on the Evaluation Page
  • Automated Comment Function for upper and lower Alarm Thresholds 
  • E-Mail Notification for activating users manually Smaller Backend integrations

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error that led to 404 Error when trying to unblock a user in certain situations
  • Fixed an error that led the User get send back to an unfiltered Alarms page after confirming an alarm
  • Fixed an error for registering new devices in certain situations

UI Improvements

  • Fixed some Links for certain info pages
  • Updating GS2 Revision Devices runtime
  • Profile Selection for GM2 Devices


General Integrations

GM2 and GS2 Revision integration

  • Added Tilt Indication Checkbox to the alarms page Public .pdf upload
  • Pre-Assigning of offline Devices possible now
  • .pdf Status for offline Devices in the device overview
  • Removing of Receiver in the API Token possible now
  • Offline devices are now merged into one offline Device on upload 
  • New Shipment background integration 
  • New API background integration 
  • Token System background integration
  • Security Updates
  • Performance improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error that led to SMS-Alarm not showing correct settings
  • Fixed an error that led to the Wizard progression bar breaking in certain situations
  • Fixed an error showing the Tooltip from Data Points under buttons in some cases

UI Improvements

  • Resize Product ID column
  • Adding M1 and M2 to Product ID column

RELEASE V1.6.5 – 16TH OCTOBER 2023

General Integrations

GM2 and GS2 Revision integration

  • Added Shock Indicator Threshold to the device detail page Public .pdf upload
  • Audit Log information if API Token is used
  • Audit Log information if API Token is edited
  • Notification added for Responsible User, if the API Token was used for an upload
  • Added View Button to the API Token 
  • New Shipment background integration 
  • New API background integration 
  • Removing Error Data from the evaluation page graph

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error triggering more than one .pdf Report with multiple browser tabs open
  • Fixed an error that led to GM2 .pdf export not working properly
  • Fixed an error using wrong categories from GM2 and GS2 Revision , showing on the chart legend on the evaluation page
  • Fixed an error happening while saving password expiry time in the company setting, for some users

UI Improvements

  • Renaming Product Name to Product ID
  • Adding Live Search and Drop-Down Selection to Product ID column


General Integrations

    • New device GM2background integration
      • Starting from Cloud added
      • Next possible starting time is shown in the Device Details
      • Tilt Indicator was added to the Alarm Overview
      • Added automatic Flight Mode for GM2 Device now displays the Flight Events in the Device Detail Page
      • Public .pdf upload
        • It’s now possible to add a Responsible User to the API Token
        • It’s now possible to add multiple Receiver to the API Token
        • Expired API Token are automatically transferred into the Archived Tab
        • added the Link for the public .pdf upload
      • Implemented .csv Export for the Audit Log
      • GS2 Revision background integration
        • Added new Device Class in the backend
        • Added automatic Flight Mode for the GS2 Revision
        • Added Shock and Tilt for the GS2 Revision

Bug Fixes

      • Smaller Backend Bug Fixes
      • Removed Start from Cloud button for GS2 devices

UI Improvements

    • GS1 Selection for New Devices and Profiles deactivated
    • Inline Help for Transmission Interval in Profile Creation was updated


Bug Fixes

Fixed Fahrenheit re-calculating in a loop

  • A Bug was fixed that kept alarm thresholds to be re-calculated in a loop, if the user has selected °F as temperature unit, while adding/changing alarm thresholds


General Integrations

New device GM2 background integration

  • Shock Indicator Threshold added
  • Possibility to select the Shock Indicator Threshold in the alarms section
  • Adding GM2 Device selection for Profiles Creation

Public .pdf upload Token

  • Archiving the Token is now displayed in the Audit Log
  • Creating the Token is now displayed in the Audit Log

Bug Fixes 127% Humidty Error for all devices fixed

  • Previously devices could trigger a 127% humidity error in the Cloud
  • Whenever this happens now the Cloud will display N/A instead and remove the wrong value from the Device Detail Page Overview

-3000 C° Error for all devices fixed

  • Previously devices could trigger a -3000 °C error in the Cloud
  • Whenever this happens now the Cloud will display N/A instead and remove the wrong value from the Device Detail Page Overview

UI Improvements

  • Links are now underlined for a better indication if something is clickable or not
  • The Device Overview Table is now adjusting to screen size and will add a Scroll Bar inside the Table for a better handling


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed .pdf and .csv Export

RELEASE V1.6.2 – 24TH AUGUST 2023

General Integrations

  • New device GM2 background integration
  • New device C1 .pdf report upload integration
  • Token System background integration
  • Individual alarm limits for offline devices
  • Manual account activation for SuperAdmins and Organization Admins

Bug Fixes

  • Log Interval for .pdf report uploads (M1M2 and S1 Pro) fixed
  • Wrong start time for uploaded .pdf reports fixed


  • General Bug fixes
  • Code background refactoring

RELEASE V1.6.1 – 10TH JULY 2023

  • Updated Inline Help for GS2 expected runtime
  • Bug fixes

RELEASE V1.6.0 – 5TH JUNE 2023

  • New Feature: public PDF Upload

RELEASE V1.5.9 – 8TH MAI 2023

  • Bug fixes and UI improvements
  • Active Icon and last activity displayed on listing page right after power on
  • New field “packaging” added in PDF upload page
  • Recognition of Alarm icon in offline PDFs upload and displayed on cloud UI

RELEASE V1.5.8 – 3RD APRIL 2023

  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed wrong Alarm Icon shown on online devices
  • Skipped null byte serial error in production
  • Alarms data displayed on device overview page based on global timerange
  • Disabled view button for devices without telemetry data

RELEASE V1.5.7 – 6TH MARCH 2023

  • Refresh device data to avoid old cached data
  • Data base performance optimized
  • Evaluation page fix
  • Group function fix
  • Customized time calculation for summer daylight saving times
  • Security Updates


  • PDF Upload for all tempmate offline devices enabled (S1, S1 PRO, S2, M1, M2)
  • Optional additional data fields enabled
  • reCAPTCHA service implemented
  • Security Updates

RELEASE V1.5.5 – 20TH OCTOBER 2022

  • Unlimited PDF Upload enabled
  • Plausibility control for emails improved
  • User role visible in profile and user overview

RELEASE V1.5.4 – 11TH OCTOBER 2022

  • Coupon feature added to increase PDF-Upload limit
  • Minor text adaptions


  • Add PDF-Upload feature to upload data from tempmate offline devices
  • Improved alarm and report calculation
  • Improved Group function
  • Versioning update

RELEASE V1.5.2 – 5TH AUGUST 2022

  • Open device evaluation page in new tabs
  • Improved filter options
  • Location data fix
  • Security Updates

RELEASE V1.5.1 – 8TH JULY 2022

  • Improved GS2 data visualization
  • Alert timestamp and timezone issue + Alarm delay fix
  • Several minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Security Updates

RELEASE V1.5.0 – 28TH JANUARY 2022

  • Final GS2 implementation
  • Improved data processing
  • Security Updates

RELEASE V1.4.4 – 16TH JULY 2021

  • Security Updates


  • Ignore mobile cells with MCC 9xx to reduce jumps in map visualization
  • Correct faulty timestamps sent by GS1 Loggers since 2020-12-31
  • Add background job to retroactively correct faulty timestamps in archived data
  • Security Updates


  • Security Updates


  • Legal Name change from imec GmbH to tempmate GmbH


  • Update Data-Processing-Agreement


  • Fix Reports contains-Filter

RELEASE V1.3.8 – 18TH MAY 2020

  • Fix Export CSV PDF


  • Fix cache keys containing “random” memory addresses
  • Fix shifted transmission block on evaluation graph view


  • Security fixes
  • Disable replication for database migrations

RELEASE V1.3.5 – 14TH JANUARY 2020

  • Fix handling of invalid OpenDMTP packets

RELEASE V1.3.4 – 13TH JANUARY 2020

  • Security fixes
  • Upgrade to Ruby 2.7
  • Fix incorrect log level for device configuration difference on startup


  • Security fixes
  • Fixed deferred geolocation lookup job
  • Use groups for shoryuken queues to speed up time between fetches – this increases total processing time of all background jobs
  • Add attribute for last location and values to measuring series to allow direct access to current status informations – this will speed up loading time of dashboard view


  • Security fixes
  • No dependency between configuration state/difference and sending of Configuration-Packet after receiving a Startup-Packet
  • More detailed logging on geolocation lookup errors

RELEASE V1.3.1 – 25TH OCTOBER 2019

  • Security fixes
  • Fix caching for evaluation view index data query and table queries
  • Fix missing I18n keys
  • Fix location in CSV/PDF exports
  • Upgrade sprockets to 4.0.0
  • Fix measuring value identification for sensors on measuring series
  • Fix evaluation table filtering and sorting
  • Add missing cleanup in RSpec tests for GS1VX devices


  • Security fixes
  • Switch from SQL-based data storage for measuring values to S3 blob storage – Increase of performance on device overview
  • Route Websockets over CloudFront instead
  • Rails 6 Upgrade
  • GS1VX0 Classes renamed due to new inflection rules
  • Add DB replicate configuration
  • Switch to Aurora-Cluster


  • Security fixes
  • Fix handling on device registration (Distribution-API)
  • Fix interpolation of audit log messages
  • Fix deprecation of carrierwave
  • Fix usage of sassc
  • Remove support for deprecated evaluation
  • Fix missing Session/Connection-ID Tag

RELEASE V1.2.15 – 16TH JULY 2019

  • Security fixes

RELEASE V1.2.14 – 18TH JUNE 2019

  • Security fixes
  • Fix rendering of HTML email templates

RELEASE V1.2.13 – 17TH JUNE 2019

  • Security fixes
  • Fix issue when updating a device by a not authorized user
  • Fix rendering of PDF and CSV reports when using non CP1252 characters

RELEASE V1.2.12 – 18TH MAY 2019

  • Security Fixes
  • Upgraded to Postgres 11.2
  • Better handling of missing form fields on account registration

RELEASE V1.2.11 – 30TH APRIL 2019

  • Security Fixes

RELEASE V1.2.10 – 16TH APRIL 2019

  • Security Fixes

RELEASE V1.2.9 – 20TH MARCH 2019

  • General Bug Fixes
  • Security Fixes

RELEASE V1.2.8 – 11TH MARCH 2019

  • Better handling when calling the evaluation view if logger was started but no measured value is available yet
  • Creating/editing fixed reports
  • Fallback if UI components do not return valid values for period selection
  • Error handling in OpenDMTP server corrected
  • MS Internet Explorer does not display a map
  • Use Google’s Geolocation API for position determination
  • Default role “Administrator” cannot be edited
  • Consideration of the first temperature value for the MKT calculation
  • Security-Fix for customer list display

RELEASE V1.2.7 – 16 JANUARY 2019

  • Fixed issue with the share device link
  • Issue with the icon, logger has been stopped, while the logger was still running, has been fixed

RELEASE V1.2.6 – 10 JANUARY 2019

  • Updated Validation Certificate
  • Data Processing Agreement compliant to the GDPR
  • Notification via Mail and SMS has been improved
  • Design update to the introduction page + New version of the Cloud-Tutorial
  • Reset Passwort for Cloud with Customer-ID available
  • Improvements in Usability
  • Several minor bug fixes

RELEASE V1.2.5 – 10 OCTOBER 2018

  • Improvements for HelpDesk and Support
  • Several minor bug fixes

RELEASE V1.2.4 – 08 SEPTEMBER 2018

  • Support for updated hardware versions
  • Updated GTC, PP and LN
  • Fixed bug for stopped logger status
  • Improved connection security and reliability
  • Several minor improvements and bug fixes

RELEASE V1.2.3 – 13 AUGUST 2018

  • Integration of standard profiles
  • Inline help for alarm configuration
  • Filtering and sorting enabled on dashboard
  • Table filter at dashboard and device overview
  • Reset password in multiply accounts with the same email address
  • Device overview can display again
  • Text change from “max operating time” to “min operating time”
  • SMS alarm notification changed
  • Meta data validation for tempmate.®-GS
  • Distribution API check for customer number
  • Several minor bug fixes

RELEASE V1.2.2 – 16 MAY 2018

  • Fixed issue with logger registration and improved perfomance
  • Several minor bug fixes

RELEASE V1.2.1 – 27 APRIL 2018

Release 1.2.1 with Fundamental Improvements Online

With the latest tempmate.®-Cloud release 1.2.1, the complete user interface and registration process was revised extensively. Beside several bug-fixes and improvements, the usability was optimized according to the numerous feedback of our customers. As we are continuously improving our services we appreciate any feedback.

  • Extensive user interface revision and optimization
  • Substantial improvements for device registration process
  • External user notification
  • New layout for Evaluation Overview
  • News section added
  • Several improvements and bug fixes

RELEASE V1.1.8 – 22 MARCH 2018

  • Impact Detection calculation adjusted (corresponds to: 1m free fall)
  • Release Notes available (Version-ID Hyperlink)
  • Unitary ISO8601 Time/Date format
  • New tempmate.cloud logo
  • Demo Account access via direct link
  • Login page revision
  • Password and CID reminder function
  • Minor improvements for user interface
  • Several minor bug fixes


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