Cloud Help


Device Overview

This section provides an overview of all the registered device in the user account. There are three main tabs:

  • Active – This Tab shows all the devices are which user wants to view and are tracking (irrespective it is stopped or still running)
  • Archive – This Tab shows all the devices that the user has decided to Archive (by clicking the “Archive” button on the extreme left against a device serial number
  • All – This Tab shows all the devices in the user account which includes both Active and Archive

Against each of the device the user has the following option tabs:

  • View – All the data that has been received on the cloud platform can be viewed by clicking this tab
  • Edit – The user can edit all the relevant parameters by clicking on this tab. For GS2 devices the user can even edit the device parameters after it is started
  • More – The user can check the Audit Log for the device and also Export the device configuration
  • Archive – Once the user clicks this the device moves from the “Active” tab to “Archive” tab. This feature can be used in case the user only want to view the relevant devices and would like to archive the old (or not relevant) devices.
  • Stop – The GS2 devices has the possibility to stop the device from the cloud platform.