medical and healthcare applications

Modern temperature monitoring and cold chain tracking for particularly sensitive substances by tempmate.®

Ensure the effectiveness of your drugs and vaccines by monitoring their temperature and handling from production to delivery.

With tempmate.® data loggers, reliable data logging is guaranteed, therefore ensuring that your products meet expected quality standards.

Product safety in production, storage and transportation in the medical and healthcare industry

Medical and
cold chain

In the medical field, almost all preparations have to be stored and transported refrigerated. Often a documented and secured cold chain is required, for example for blood and organ donations. But also, during cleaning and sterilization of medical devices, cutlery and containers, compliance with the prescribed temperature must be documented and ensured.

tempmate.® data loggers can be used for both, cold chain monitoring and in the field of sterilization. Depending on the type of data logger, either a real-time autonomous alarm takes place as soon as a limit value is exceeded or the data logger shows a status message via display or a specific LED indicator, clearly stating that a set limit has been exceeded. The real-time alarm is particularly suitable for medical refrigerators, freezers and air-conditioned packaging in which a variety of preparations are stored. A defect in their cooling would damage all preparations – quick information about the condition is essential, so that you can react in time and avoid the loss of the preparations.

For monitoring and documentation of the delivery of drugs, medications and vaccines, we recommend the use of our tempmate.®-GS data logger. It not only offers a large number of sensors for documenting the handling of the shipment, but also provides GSM location tracking, so that you can monitor the movement of your goods up to the customer.