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Global Real-Time Supply Chain Monitoring Excellence

Global Real-Time Tracking
of Location and Transport Conditions

Experience seamless worldwide real-time tracking of
your goods’ location and transport conditions with global
4G coverage. Get instant updates on your shipments’
precise location and environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, light exposure, shock, and tilt.

Maximize Precision, Minimize Costs

Discover our USB data loggers: Ideal for documenting transport conditions without real-time monitoring. After recording ends, they automatically generate reports for analysis, quality assurance, and compliance, easily downloadable via USB. Perfect for precise and cost-effective monitoring.

Ensure Product Quality and Reduce Risks

Ensuring the integrity of your goods throughout their
journey: Safeguard product quality, minimize risks and
losses, enhance logistics efficiency, and ensure
compliance with regulations.

Access to Real-time Cloud Reports & Analysis

Access data from all your data loggers through a unified interface: The tempmate-Cloud provides comprehensive reporting and analysis features, leveraging historical shipment data to offer valuable insights into your supply chain. Empower your business with enhanced efficiencies and informed decisions.

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Your Essential Guide to tempmate's FAQs

Single-use data loggers are designed for one-time use, while multi-use data loggers can be reset and deployed multiple times.


Single-use data loggers are simpler to handle in transportation since they eliminate the need for a return logistics process

Multi-use data loggers offer greater durability and cost-effectiveness for repeated monitoring needs.

Tempmate data loggers are predominantly employed for tracking temperature and humidity levels, with some models additionally capable of monitoring light exposure, shock, and tilt.

The battery life of tempmate data loggers can vary depending on the specific model and usage conditions. Generally, they are designed to last for several months to several years

It varies depending on the model. The tempmate-GS2 and tempmate-GM2 models enable real-time data transmission worldwide via the 4G network.

Yes, tempmate data loggers are commonly employed in the food industry to track temperature and humidity levels during storage, transportation, and distribution to ensure food safety and quality compliance.

Empower your supply chain

Empower your
supply chain

Optimize your supply chain
and prevent quality losses.


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