Multi-use TEMPERATURE LOGGER EN12830 compliant

Economic multi-use GDP compliant temperature data logger with automated PDF analysis for smart logistics.

The economical multi-use TEMPERATURE LOGGER you can trust

tempmate.®-M1 multi-use temperature loggers were especially developed for monitoring temperature-sensitive products throughout the entire cold chain. Customer-specific settings are installed directly ex-works so that each temperature logger is good to go out of the box. tempmate.®-M1 is especially small and light so that it can fit into virtually any package.

Smart reporting and temperature analysis

Our multi-use temperature logger tempmate.®-M1 with integrated USB port is the ultimate data logger for economical temperature monitoring of your stationary refrigerators and transported goods. For carrying out the analysis, simply connect tempmate.®-M1 directly to the USB port of your PC. A PDF report is then automatically generated,  showing the temperature profile as well as all individual values plus statistical information. No additional hardware or software is required.

  • Transparent recording of temperature fluctuations within a cold chain
  • Very small and light: can be inserted into virtually any package
  • Secure and easy download of encrypted data files
  • Display shows the status


Technical Data

Data Logger Type Multi-Use Temperature Data Logger
Dimensions 79/33/14 mm (l/w/h)
Weight 25 g
Protection Class IP67
Certifications EN12830, validation certificate, CE, RoHS
Data Transfer USB
Temperature Range -30°C to +70°C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5°C (at -20°C to +40°C)
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Recording Interval
10 seconds to 24 hours
Recording Duration Up to 12 months, freely programmable
Data Storage Capacity Max 32.000 Records
Alarm Configuration Individual or cumulative alarm
Shelf Life / Battery
CR2032 / can be replaced by the customer

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    tempmate GmbH
    Wannenäckerstr. 41
    74078 Heilbronn

    Tel: +49-7131-6354 0
    Fax: +49-7131-6354 100

    E-Mail: info@tempmate.com


    tempmate.-M1 has 32000 recordings. Will it over write the existing data once the memory is full?

    There is possibility to choose in settings if the device will do ring buffer or it will stop as soon as the memory is full.

    What is the measuring range of the data logger, or the measuring interval?

    All technical information about the tempmate-M1 can be found in the corresponding data sheet -Link Data Sheet-

    Can the datalogger be disposed with household waste?

    Please dispose the datalogger at an appropriate recycling center. Further information can be obtained from your local disposal company and public institutions

    Does the datalogger need to be marked for shipping, such as current IATA regulations?

    No, this datalogger does not need to be specially marked and is not covered by “Dangerous / Hazardous Goods”. -Link IATA-Regulations-

    Can I use the tempmate-M1 to ship frozen food?

    Yes, the tempmate-M1 complies with the requirements of EN12830 and is therefore also approved for the shipment of frozen food.

    Does the datalogger have a Expiry Date?

    No, the datalogger itself has no expiration or expiration date. The enclosed validation certificate is valid for one year, the certification can be renewed and the measuring ability controlled thereby

    What is the delivery time of the tempmate-M1?

    The datalogger is usually always in stock and can be ordered directly. After each order you will receive an order confirmation with expected delivery date.

    Is it possible to order a sample device?

    There are several ways to test the tempmate-M1. Please contact us by email at info@tempmate.com for more information

    How much does the tempmate-M1 cost?

    Please ask the current price list by email to info@tempmate.com

    How do I order the tempmate-M1?

    Please send us your order via email to order@tempmate.com, which will be processed as soon as possible

    Can the data logger be calibrated later?

    Yes, the data logger, like any (electronic) meter, can be subsequently inspected and certified by calibration

    Is the datalogger calibrated?

    Each datalogger contains an up-to-date validation certificate, which serves as proof of accuracy.

    Does the display need energy?

    Yes, but various power management options are available through the configuration software

    What ads do I find on the display?

    The display shows the current status at the push of a button, the exceeding of a limit value and serves as general control. Further information can be found in the manual at www.tempmate.com

    What configuration options are there?

    The possibilities for configuration on the customer side are very diverse, almost all aspects of the device can be adapted to their own requirements. This includes setting the alarm limits, changing the measurement interval, setting a password to back up the data, etc. For more information, visit www.tempmate.com

    Can the data logger be programmed?

    Yes, the tempbase-D free configuration software allows the user to change various aspects before starting. Further information, download and instructions can be found at www.tempmate.com

    How do I delete the data?

    The data can be deleted using the free software tempbase-D

    Where can I find the data?

    The data logger is recognized as a data storage device after the connection as a drive, it opens automatically a workspace window depending on the system setting.

    Are there any expansion options?

    Yes, an external sensor can be connected to the USB interface, which extends the measuring range

    How is the data logger connected to the PC?

    The tempmate-M1 is simply connected to the PC via the USB interface, which is located under the safety cap; no further hardware or software is required

    Can the data be evaluated in other formats?

    Yes, other formats can be selected in the free configuration software tempbase-D. For example as Excel-compatible .CSV file for tabular view

    In what format is the data output?

    The data is compiled as non-manipulable PDF

    When will the data be summarized and the report created?

    The data is created as soon as the data logger is connected to the PC via USB interface

    Are other control functions available?

    Yes, by double-clicking the right button, you can set a flag that appears in the report. Markers can be used to indicate a specific phase in the report during the measurement. For example when the datalogger is picked up and the temperature is changed

    Can I pause the datalogger?

    Yes, by double-clicking the left button the measurement can be paused; during the break, only the elapsed time is measured and recorded, not the temperature

    How is the datalogger started / stopped?

    The data logger is started and stopped by pressing a button. Keeping the left button pressed for at least 5 seconds until the display shows REC

    Can I use the datalogger multiple times?

    Yes, it is a reusable product; For operation, a standard CR2032 button cell battery is used, which can be replaced

    What time is shown for the analysis?

    The tempmate.®-M1 data loggers have an integrated real-time clock (RTC). This is set to GMT±0 before leaving the factory, and is therefore used for the tempmate.®-M1’s PDF analysis.

    If the tempmate.®-M1 data loggers are however used with the optional tempbase.®-D software, the software converts the reports to the system time set locally on the computer.

    Will the temperature also be monitored between the measurement intervals?

    The temperature will also be recorded between the measurement intervals, and in each case, an average value will be determined. In the event of a significant temperature fluctuation of ±2°C, this will be recorded accordingly.

    Is the PDF report protected against manipulation?

    Just as is the case with other electronic documents, it is possible to manipulate PDF files. However, even after the data has been analysed, the original data remains stored on the tempmate.®-M1 logger, so that it can always be downloaded again and compared to the questionable PDF report. Therefore, it is important that the loggers are saved until any such queries have been completely clarified.

    Why can’t I open the PDF report?

    You need Adobe Acrobat, version 9.0 or above, to be able to open the PDF. The latest respective version can be downloaded here: www.get.adobe.com/reader

    What does the analysis look like in the PDF report?

    The temperature profile is presented as a graphic, and all individual measurement values are shown in table form. What’s more, additional statistical information (for example serial number) is also included.

    Is it possible to analyse tempmate.®-M1 loggers with software and to export the data?

    The tempmate.®is optionally compatible with the tempbase.®-D software. This software can manage all the measurement data and export it as a PDF or CSV file. The tempbase.®-D software is available as a free download, either here or in the software download box to the right.

    Are the tempmate.®-M1 loggers validated?

    Yes, and with each delivery, you receive a validation certificate free of charge. See sample certificate

    How long does the battery last?

    In continuous operation, each battery lasts for about half a year. Battery life depends on the measurement interval and also on storage and usage conditions. The battery can be replaced by the customer.

    How accurate is the built-in real-time clock (RTC)?

    The real-time clock runs from when it was produced. Due to technical factors, there may be a deviation of ±2 minutes after 5 months/±4 minutes after 10 months.

    Are tempmate.®-M1 loggers IATA compatible, meaning they can be used in aeroplanes?

    Yes, tempmate.®-M1 reusable data loggers use a 3V lithium battery as their power source, which in accordance with IATA regulations, can also be used in aircraft.