Ultra robust mini logger, the size of a button cell, for recording temperature and humidity measurements with up to 5 years recording duration

Miniature TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY LOGGER you can trust

tempmate.®-B series temperature and humidity (B4 only) data loggers are ideal whenever your good will be transported and stored over a long period of time and you have to make sure, that the quality has not been compromised. Its ultra-compact dimensions, super light weight and the economical pricing make our tempmate.®-B series a worldwide first choice. tempmate.®-B series are self contained single channel temperature data loggers with the ability to record up to 8,000 data points, depending upon the model chosen they will measure from -40°C to +140°C.

USB programming and analysis

The logger is connected to the PC via the separately available USB adapter, and is programmed, read and analyzed with the aid of the user-friendly TempIT software. The TempIT-Lite software offers a graphical display and can be downloaded here, free of charge. For more comprehensive analysis, including table view, data export function (for example Excel or Word), MKT, F0, A0 and PU calculations, there is the TempIT-Pro version, which is also available with optional copy protect dongle. It is possible to upgrade from TempIT-Lite to TempIT-Pro at any time.

  • Ultra compact (17.35 mm diameter, 5.89 mm thick)
  • Ultra light weight (4 g)
  • Calibration certificates optionally available
  • Splash waterproof, additional housings for every application available
  • Cost-efficient and reliable

100% Designed, Engineered and Made in Germany

Technical Data

tempmate.®-B42-channel data logger for temperature and humidity 4)
Temperature range–20 °C to 85 °C
Accuracy± 0.5°C at –10°C to 70°C ± 5 % RH
± 2 % RH (calibrated)
Power supplyInternal, permanently installed 3.0V lithium battery
Battery life10 years or
1 million samples
Sampling1 to 255 minutes
Memory size2048 readings
Resolution0.5 °C (8 bits)
Response timeapproximately 90 seconds (in the air)
DimensionsØ 17 mm × 6 mm
Housing Material305 stainless steel
Protection classIP55– splash proof; housing for higher protection classes are available
Ex-fitnessMeets UL # 913 (4th Edit), Intrinsically Safe Apparatus, approval under Entity Concept for use in Class I, Division 1, Group A, B, C and D Locations
PC ConnectionUSB interface
Time, max. deviation± 2 minutes per month
Recording modesRing bu er or stop when full
Start time delaymax. 45 days at 1 minute measurement frequency
Start with Alarmno

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What is the measuring range of the data logger, or the measuring interval?

All technical information about tempmate.®-B can be found in the corresponding data sheet -Link Data Sheet-

Can the datalogger be disposed with household waste?

Please dispose the datalogger at an appropriate recycling center. Further information can be obtained from your local disposal company and public institutions

Does the datalogger need to be marked for shipping, such as current IATA regulations?

No, this datalogger does not need to be specially marked and is not covered by “Dangerous / Hazardous Goods”. You can read the statement here -Link IATA Regulations-

Can I use the Tempmate.®-B to ship frozen food?

Yes, with various protective capsules (made of silicone, rubber, stainless steel, etc.) The data logger can also be used for food

Does the datalogger have a Expiry Date?

No, the datalogger itself has no expiration or expiration date. Depending on the model, the enclosed calibration certificate is valid for one year; the installed battery is placed in a non-operating state. In a state of rest with suitable storage it can hold several years

What is the delivery time of the tempmate.®-B?

The datalogger is usually in stock without factory calibration certificate and can be ordered directly. After each order you will receive an order confirmation with expected delivery date

Is it possible to order a sample device?

There are several ways to test tempmate.®-B. Please contact us by email at info@imec-group.com for more information

How do I order the tempmate.®-B?

Please send us your order via email to order@imec-group.com, which will be processed as soon as possible

Can the data logger be calibrated later?

Currently not! Please ask in advance for your own calibration points, these can then be co-produced during production for you

Is the datalogger calibrated?

The data loggers of the tempmate-B series are also available as a calibrated device (3-point ISO calibration) with certificate

How long does the battery of the datalogger last?

Depending on the set measuring rate, the battery can last up to 10 years. Please use our battery life calculator at www.tempmate.com for an approximate indication

Can the data logger be programmed?

Yes, with the TempIT-Pro configuration software the data logger can be pre-set according to your own requirements. Various configuration options are available here, such as the setting of the measuring interval or alarm limit values

How do I delete the data?

The data can be deleted via the configuration software TempIT-Pro4

Where can I find the data?

After connecting the datalogger, TEmpIT-Pro software can be used to select where recorded data should be stored on the PC after evaluation

Are there any expansion options?

The data logger of the tempmate-B series offers further accessories in the form of protective caps, for example

How is the data logger connected to the PC?

The tempmate-B is connected to the PC via a special USB interface. For this purpose, it is plugged into an inductive connection on the interface. The interface is connected to the PC via USB

Can the data be evaluated in other formats?

Yes, other formats can be selected in the configuration software TempIT-Pro. For example as Excel-compatible .CSV file for tabular view or as .JPG image file

In what format is the data output?

The data is usually compiled as non-manipulatable PDF

When will the data be summarized and the report created?

The data is created as soon as the data logger is connected to the PC via USB interface and ready to read out via the software

Are other control functions available?

Not on the datalogger itself. The data logger can be preset according to your own requirements via the TempIT-Pro configuration software

Can I pause the datalogger?

The datalogger itself does not provide a way to pause, the current measurement can only be stopped by the software

How is the datalogger started / stopped?

The data logger is started, configured and evaluated via the associated software TempIT-Pro

Can I use the datalogger multiple times?

Yes, it is a reusable product. After the battery is emptied, it can not be replaced

How can I recognise which model I have?

The individual tempmate.®-Bx mini data loggers all look absolutely identical. However, the codes engraved on the underside will help you clearly identify the different loggers. On the bottom, you will see the code DS19xxx, where xxx is as follows: 21G = tempmate.®-B1, 22L = tempmate.®-B2, 22T = tempmate.®-B3, 23 = tempmate.®-B4 and 22E = tempmate.®-B5

How can I activate lower sampling rates?

This option needs to be activated. In the TempIT software, go to Configuration > Device > SL5x and remove the checkmark next to: ‘Suppress rapid sampling rate’ > and confirm with the password.

How can the battery life be optimised?

If the logger will not be used for a longer period of time, you should set the sampling rate to 23 hours for the duration of this period. With this setting, the least amount of power is required, which increases the logger’s service life significantly.

Can the mini data loggers be used in a vacuum environment?

At the moment, there are no specifications that clearly verify suitability for vacuums. However, various customers use the devices in vacuum environments. If doing so, ensure that the vacuum is not built up suddenly, but rather evacuated evenly. In this way, the logger will be evacuated with its environment. Furthermore, ensure that the logger is not exposed to high humidity in the vacuum without protection, as otherwise, when venting it, moisture can diffuse into the logger. However, we suggest to all customers that they purchase a logger and test its suitability for their own application. In such circumstances, we can loan you a communication interface.