Software Download

In our download area you will find the latest software versions for using our devices!
We offer the following software:


With the tempbase.®-D management software, you can transfer the data collected by tempmate.®-M1 and tempmate.®-S1 to your computer for further analysis and additional editing.

TempIT Light | TempIT Pro

Readout and configuration software for the tempmate.®-Bx series. TempIT-Lite can be upgraded to TempIT-Pro at any time for an upgrade fee.

Log Connect

The LOG 32 and the LOG 200 data logger are pre-programmed ex works and can be used without any software. With the LogConnect software, configuration parameters such as Measuring clock, alarm limits, etc. can be changed.

EasyLog USB

The EasyLog USB software is designed for the tempstick-H2 reusable datalogger. Temperature and relative humidity can be quickly transferred to the PC thanks to the USB 2.0 connection. The quick and easy output of a graphic, spreadsheet or Excel file is guaranteed by the software.