Data loggers

Temperature loggers are predominantly used for monitoring transported goods, refrigerators, warehouses, server rooms, production facilities and many other places. The data loggers record temperature and time values, which can later be analysed using a PC. Our temperature loggers are available in various different designs: waterproof, with display, with connections for external sensors etc.

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Mini data loggers

Mini data loggers are self-contained 1-channel data loggers with integrated sensors for temperature and humidity. Thanks to the mini data loggers’ tiny size – about the same as a watch battery – these data loggers are well suited to attaching to small objects and packages. What’s more, despite their tiny size, the mini data loggers boast high storage capacity.

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Temperature and humidity loggers

As well as measuring and logging temperatures, temperature and humidity loggers also measure and log humidity. The measurement values can then be transferred to a PC. The measurement interval, along with other settings, can be easily configured via the software. Some data logger models enable you to connect additional external sensors.

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Each thermometer comprises a temperature sensor (for example, a material that demonstrates thermal expansion in a particular way) and an indicator device (scale or display). Thermometers are calibrated either on the basis of fixed temperature points or a calibrated reference thermometer.

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Temperature indicator

Temperature indicators are economical, intelligent indicators that are fixed to packages of food or pharmaceutical products, and which provide a visual display of breaches of the cold chain.
Their advantage is that breaches of the cold chain, and the danger of such breaches having negative effects, can be displayed visually – immediately and easily.

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