Data management software


With the tempbase.®-D management software, you can transfer the data recorded by the tempmate.®-M1 and tempmate.®-S1 to your computer, where you can perform further analyses and additional processing.

System requirements

CPU: min PII 600 MHz
Hard disk space: min 100 MB
Working memory: min 512 MB
Operating system: Windows XP or later (32-bit, 64-bit, WIN 10 compatible)

Current version: V3.1.2

Operation Instructions

Here you can download the tempbase.®-D V3 user manual.

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What do the alarm settings “Single” and “Cumulative” mean?

The normal alarm is a single alarm. Differences arise when using alarm delays. For a single alarm, the duration of the alarm delay must be one-piece (for example, 30 minutes permanently above the threshold). If the limit is fallen below again after 10 minutes, the alarm delay starts again when it is exceeded again from the front. With a cumulative alarm, all alarm events are added up and an alarm is generated when the maximum alarm delay is reached. Example with an alarm delay of 30 minutes: Threshold is exceeded twice by 10 minutes - No alarm cumulative, No single alarm Threshold is exceeded again by 15 minutes - Alarm Cumulative, No Individual Alarm Since the sum of the alarm times was 35 minutes, the accumulated alarm is output - since the limit has not been output by more than 30 minutes at a time, no single alarm is issued. How long the temperature was above the limit can also be read in the PDF report.

The displayed runtime of my logger does not match the actual battery life

The displayed runtime is calculated based on the available memory and the measurement interval. The battery life may vary depending on the ambient conditions, so particularly low or very high temperatures affect the battery life. The runtime is specified until the memory is full

How can I set the time of the loggers, if only one time zone can be selected?

The time is synchronized during programming with the current system time. Make sure that the system time is set correctly

Can less than 5 alarm limits be entered for a multi-alarm? For Example. only two upper ones

Yes, that is possible

The tempbase software shows me an almost full battery, it was still empty after some time of usage.

The software calculates an estimated battery level based on the voltage. The used batteries can maintain their voltage for a very long time and drop rapidly at the end of their life. This ensures that the batteries used achieve a long service life, but a battery level calculation is only very imprecisely possible. Please change the batteries of the loggers regularly and in time, as they can quickly degrade under high load (especially low temperatures) towards the end of their lives

I get a message “Current measurement interval is over the recommended 15 minutes …” is this a problem?

No, the logger works normally, it is possible that the battery is full before reaching the maximum storage capacity. According to EN12830 the measuring interval should be kept less than 15 minutes. Most of our customers use a measurement interval of 10 minutes

Can I create a new report in the tempbase software for a certain period of time?

No, the generation of new reports with a section of the data is not possible

What does ring buffer mean?

Ring memory means that your datalogger does not stop when it reaches its maximum memory capacity, but overwrites the oldest value and thus runs in an endless loop. Be sure to periodically evaluate the logger and back up the data as this setting may result in loss of data if the logger is not evaluated over a long period of time

What does “temporary report” mean?

If this setting is enabled, you can download a temporary PDF report from your datalogger without having to stop it. The logger can be used directly without restarting it. Your previous records are not lost.

Do I have to re-enter the configuration for each logger?

No, create your configuration in the tempbase software and select "Save Setting", now you can save your current configuration as a template on your PC. To transfer this configuration to a logger, select "Load Setting" and open the template. This can now be saved as usual on the logger

Do I need the tempbase.®-D for my daily work with the logger?

No, the software is only needed for programming the loggers or for advanced evaluation functions. You can easily download your reports as a PDF from your tempmate.® datalogger. The software is not needed for this