Release Note History

Release V1.3.2 – 2nd December 2019

  • Security fixes
  • No dependency between configuration state/difference and sending of Configuration-Packet after receiving a Startup-Packet
  • More detailed logging on geolocation lookup errors

Release V1.3.1 – 25th October 2019

  • Security fixes
  • Fix caching for evaluation view index data query and table queries
  • Fix missing I18n keys
  • Fix location in CSV/PDF exports
  • Upgrade sprockets to 4.0.0
  • Fix measuring value identification for sensors on measuring series
  • Fix evaluation table filtering and sorting
  • Add missing cleanup in RSpec tests for GS1VX devices

Release V1.3.0 – 30th September 2019

  • Security fixes
  • Switch from SQL-based data storage for measuring values to S3 blob storage – Increase of performance on device overview
  • Route Websockets over CloudFront instead
  • Rails 6 Upgrade
  • GS1VX0 Classes renamed due to new inflection rules
  • Add DB replicate configuration
  • Switch to Aurora-Cluster

Release V1.2.16 – 23rd September 2019

  • Security fixes
  • Fix handling on device registration (Distribution-API)
  • Fix interpolation of audit log messages
  • Fix deprecation of carrierwave
  • Fix usage of sassc
  • Remove support for deprecated evaluation
  • Fix missing Session/Connection-ID Tag

Release V1.2.15 – 16th July 2019

  • Security fixes

Release V1.2.14 – 18th June 2019

  • Security fixes
  • Fix rendering of HTML email templates

Release V1.2.13 – 17th June 2019

  • Security fixes
  • Fix issue when updating a device by a not authorized user
  • Fix rendering of PDF and CSV reports when using non CP1252 characters

Release V1.2.12 – 18th May 2019

  • Security Fixes
  • Upgraded to Postgres 11.2
  • Better handling of missing form fields on account registration

Release V1.2.11 – 30th April 2019

  • Security Fixes

Release V1.2.10 – 16th April 2019

  • Security Fixes

Release V1.2.9 – 20th March 2019

  • General Bug Fixes
  • Security Fixes

Release V1.2.8 – 11th March 2019

  • Better handling when calling the evaluation view if logger was started but no measured value is available yet
  • Creating/editing fixed reports
  • Fallback if UI components do not return valid values for period selection
  • Error handling in OpenDMTP server corrected
  • MS Internet Explorer does not display a map
  • Use Google’s Geolocation API for position determination
  • Default role “Administrator” cannot be edited
  • Consideration of the first temperature value for the MKT calculation
  • Security-Fix for customer list display

Release V1.2.7 – 16 January 2019

  • Fixed issue with the share device link
  • Issue with the icon, logger has been stopped, while the logger was still running, has been fixed

Release V1.2.6 – 10 January 2019

  • Updated Validation Certificate
  • Data Processing Agreement compliant to the GDPR
  • Notification via Mail and SMS has been improved
  • Design update to the introduction page + New version of the Cloud-Tutorial
  • Reset Passwort for Cloud with Customer-ID available
  • Improvements in Usability
  • Several minor bug fixes

Release V1.2.5 – 10 October 2018

  • Improvements for HelpDesk and Support
  • Several minor bug fixes

Release V1.2.4 – 08 September 2018

  • Support for updated hardware versions
  • Updated GTC, PP and LN
  • Fixed bug for stopped logger status
  • Improved connection security and reliability
  • Several minor improvements and bug fixes

Release V1.2.3 – 13 August 2018

  • Integration of standard profiles
  • Inline help for alarm configuration
  • Filtering and sorting enabled on dashboard
  • Table filter at dashboard and device overview
  • Reset password in multiply accounts with the same email address
  • Device overview can display again
  • Text change from “max operating time” to “min operating time”
  • SMS alarm notification changed
  • Meta data validation for tempmate.®-GS
  • Distribution API check for customer number
  • Several minor bug fixes

Release V1.2.2 – 16 May 2018

  • Fixed issue with logger registration and improved perfomance
  • Several minor bug fixes

Release V1.2.1 – 27 April 2018

Release 1.2.1 with Fundamental Improvements Online

With the latest tempmate.®-Cloud release 1.2.1, the complete user interface and registration process was revised extensively. Beside several bug-fixes and improvements, the usability was optimized according to the numerous feedback of our customers. As we are continuously improving our services we appreciate any feedback.

  • Extensive user interface revision and optimization
  • Substantial improvements for device registration process
  • External user notification
  • New layout for Evaluation Overview
  • News section added
  • Several improvements and bug fixes

Release V1.1.8 – 22 March 2018

  • Impact Detection calculation adjusted (corresponds to: 1m free fall)
  • Release Notes available (Version-ID Hyperlink)
  • Unitary ISO8601 Time/Date format
  • New logo
  • Demo Account access via direct link
  • Login page revision
  • Password and CID reminder function
  • Minor improvements for user interface
  • Several minor bug fixes