pharmaceutical cold chains

Smart cold chain monitoring of particularly sensitive substances with tempmate.®

In order to ensure the efficacy of pharmaceutical products, the handling of the products from production to delivery must be tracked, especially with regards to temperature

With tempmate.® data loggers, reliable data logging is guaranteed, therefore ensuring that your products meet expected quality standards.

Product safety during production, storage and transportation of pharmaceutical products

Cold chain monitoring
of pharmaceutical

Storage and transportation of medicines and pharmaceutical products is subject to certain regulations. In the United Kingdom, for example, the MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) guidelines for temperature control are taken into account during storage. WHO guidelines must be complied in the EU in order to ensure the quality of the goods throughout the distribution network, i.e the GMP code (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Many medicines lose their effectiveness when they become too warm or when they are exposed to other weather conditions. Since consistency and color of the substances does not change, damaged medicines can not be detected without further analysis. If in doubt, the affected medicines must be destroyed or even recalled – a costly affair.

So that the recipient of the medicines can ensure that the limit values ​​have been met, the use of smart data loggers is recommended. Those show at first glance whether the delivery is in order or if there were limit violations. In the case of limit violations, it can be reconstructed when and how the limit values ​​were exceeded. This allows conclusions regarding handling and transport conditions, so that changes in the supply chain can be made to avoid future losses.

Our tempmate.®-GS data logger triggers an alarm in real time so that timely action can be taken and a new delivery of the medicines or pharmaceutical products can be triggered and the recipient can be informed. This helps to avoid bottlenecks and increases customer satisfaction. The alarm limits can be set at the factory and subsequently configured and thus adapted to the various drugs, vaccines and active ingredients.