life science cold chain documentation

Monitor the environmental conditions of your projects during testing and transportation

Genuine test procedures in laboratories require reliable measurement and documentation of environmental influences such as temperature or humidity.

With tempmate.® data loggers, reliable data logging is guaranteed, therefore ensuring that your products meet expected quality standards.

Smart data loggers for quality assurance and optimization of research projects

Cold chain monitoring for laboratories and research institutes

Monitoring of environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity is of great importance especially in laboratories and their storage and cooling areas to ensure process stability and repeatability. Therefore smart dataloggers from tempmate.® are often implemented to monitor and track those variables.

With their help it can be determined whether refrigerated containers were exposed to environmental fluctuations in temperature or humidity and thus storage and transportation methods can be validated and improved. Therefore measuring and analyzing these data is essential for the procedures in the test lab. Especially in the field of medical research tempmate.® data loggers play an important role in tracking set variables with ultra high precision and steady repeatability in experimenting with disease carriers and therelike.