industrial applications

Monitor the environmental conditions of your production for your employees as well as your energy management

Successful process optimization in industrial processes requires constant monitoring of environmental influences during production.

With tempmate.® data loggers, reliable data logging is guaranteed, therefore ensuring that your products meet expected quality standards.

Data loggers for manufacturing and processing in all industrial applications

Cold chain monitoring for industrial applications

Process optimization has an enormous significance, especially regarding industrial applications. Constant measurements and monitoring of certain variables are necessary to ensure competitive advantages as well as a safe and environmentally friendly workplace. tempmate.® data loggers are ideal for all industrial applications such as manufacturing and processing thanks to their robust nature. tempmate.® data loggers can even measure extreme temperatures and are also protected against water and dust. Detailed documentation enables extreme values ​​as well as informative temperature comparisons.

What applies to the production itself can also be applied to the workplace and the energy management. By constantly monitoring environmental conditions, appropriate measures can be taken to improve the well-being of employees whilst reducing energy consumption and thus costs.