HACCP cold chain controlling

Ensure food safety by implementing temperature logging following HACCP standards

The HACCP concept is an internal self-monitoring system to guarantee food safety for the consumer.

With tempmate.® data loggers, reliable data logging is guaranteed, therefore ensuring that your products meet expected quality standards.

Data logger for temperature control within a HACCP concept

Temperature control in the food sector

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. Part of every HACCP concept is complete temperature control, thus compliance with the cold chain must already be performed and documented at the goods receipt in the warehouse as well as during transportation and production.

Random checks are legally sufficient, but you are only on the safe side by implementing continuous monitoring. tempmate.® data loggers are GDP compliant and may therefore be used in food areas. tempmate.® data loggers offer various functionalities that enable you to ensure food safety with little effort. Simple loggers indicate via an LED or a status message whether limit values ​​have been exceeded. In addition, it can be evaluated when and to what extent a limit violation has taken place.

For monitoring of cold storage or during transportation, we recommend smart data loggers such as our tempmate.®-GS. It reports the state of the shipment in real time to the tempmate.® cloud so that you can react quickly if a value approaches a set limit. As a result, the loss of goods can be greatly reduced or even prevented.