chemical and biomedical applications

Develop and produce high-quality biomedical and chemical products with tempmate.®

Monitor and document environmental conditions in laboratories and test environments in order to guarantee the quality of your medicine in the future.

With tempmate.® data loggers, reliable data logging is guaranteed, therefore ensuring that your products meet expected quality standards.

Data loggers for laboratories and research institutions in the field of biomedicine and chemistry

Monitoring the environmental conditions in laboratories

Especially in research and development facilities as well as in their laboratories the documentation of environmental conditions is of great importance. Only reliable values ​​can provide repeatable and traceable results in the development of chemical and biomedical substances and devices. This concerns both laboratories and clean rooms themselves, but also cooling and storage facilities for preparation of materials and the materials themselves. Later in the process of manufacturing of these chemical and biomedical products, the same set values ​​must be kept and require documentation to ensure product safety.

tempmate.® data loggers are suitable for all these settings. Disposable data loggers for short and long term detection of environmental conditions such as humidity or temperature in a laboratory, as well as intelligent reusable data loggers, e.g. prove the successful sterilization of tools and materials.

Even smart data loggers with real-time alarm such as the tempmate.®-GS are used in this field whenever critical substances require monitoring where a loss would be disastrous. For example, if a refrigerator fails in the laboratory, you will be informed immediately by a message via email or SMS from the smart data logger and thus you can start counter measures i.e. by moving the substances to an alternative cooling device. Since the incident becomes documented automatically for your records, you can improve your test and production measures by recognizing repetitive problems.