Data loggers for transport monitoring (shock, temperature, moisture and more)

With the tempmate.®-RF trackers, transport conditions can be monitored over a period of several months to several years.

Once you have configured and activated the device, all you then need to do is attach it in the container/lorry etc before transport begins. Various transport parameters will then be constantly monitored and recorded. When the goods arrive, the transport data can be downloaded, without having to remove the tempmate.®-RF tracker.

Dependable monitoring

  • Wireless real-time data transmission and data retrieval via radio frequencies (even with packaging)
  • Wireless measurement of fall height and energy of the shock
  • Precise details about the shock: Acceleration, duration and energy
  • Data transmission via radio: no need to open the packets in the container
  • Evidence of transport problems caused by extreme inclines (headlong)
  • Opening of packaging during transport provable (light sensor)

Compact design

  • Very small and easy to fix in place
  • No cables
  • Universal use

Flexible application

  • Long battery life
  • High storage capacity
  • Standard batteries that are available in shops