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A thermometer is a measuring device for determining temperature. Many thermometers work on the basis of the temperature dependency of the expansion of liquids, gases or solid bodies whose expansion coefficient is known. Others make use of the relationship between electrical conductivity and temperature. However, thermometers can also be designed to take advantage of other physical effects that have a temperature dependency. Each thermometer comprises a temperature sensor (for example, a material that exhibits thermal expansion in a particular way) and an indicator device (scale or display). Thermometers are calibrated either on the basis of fixed temperature points or a calibrated reference thermometer.

Penetration thermometer

Digital probe thermometer/penetration thermometer with long stainless steel sensor and optional calibration certificate, for measuring core temperatures (eg in butcher’s shops, in crops etc).

Infrared thermometer

The infrared thermometer is a professional contactless thermometer. It is easy to use, and can be used where high levels of accuracy and broad temperature measurement ranges are required.

SMS alert thermometer

Temperature data loggers for monitoring transported goods, refrigerators, warehouses, server rooms, production facilities and many other places. The data loggers store temperature and time values, which can later be analysed with a PC. Our temperature loggers are available in various different designs: Waterproof, with display, with connections for external sensors etc.